A Tree For All - Rainbow Creek never looked so good!

Sophia Hewson, 

Loch Ness,

 oil and resin on board 2013

We are in the final month of our 20th Year Program and we are still celebrating. So come and join us and take shelter from our dynamic spring weather and enjoy the variety of interpretations the artists have made of the title A Tree For All. We have exhibiting artists from our very first exhibition in 1993 and for some this is a first. It has been so much fun we might stick around for a few more years!

Sophia Hewson was an AIR earlier this year and

Loch Ness (above) 

was inspired by her visits to Rainbow Creek an offshoot from the Thompson River that flows through Cowwarr. Sometimes a torrent, sometimes a peaceful picnic area and kids swimming spot.  Worth a visit when you are in Cowwarr, it is a great favourite with our resident artists. 

original opening invitation 1993