Made in Cowwarr: Celebrating 20 Years of Artists in Residence

Cowwarr Arts Network Inc. @ Cowwarr Art Space  Artists-in-Residence 1993-2013

July 20 to September 30 2013 

An exhibition that exemplifies the diversity of this innovative and unique program, including works by: Daniel Crawshaw, Izabela Pluta, Janina Green, Aehee Park, William Young, Behrouz Rae, Maria-Luisa Marino, Clive Murray-White, Sanné Mestrom, Angela Lynkushka, Anton Vardy, Gong House, Richard Barber and Neil McLachlan.

Full List of CAN Inc. A.I.R. from the last 20 Years:
DE/VIC. Hartmut Veit, Sculptor/Installation. VIC. Jane Creenaune, Sculptor. VIC. Sophia Hewson, Painter/Installation. VIC. Jamie Hall, Art Student 2012: VIC. Andrew James, Composer/performer. CA. Myrna Kostash, Writer/Novelist. UK. Daniel Crawshaw, Painter. 2012-13: NZ/ VIC. Sanné Mestrom, Project/Installation artist. 2012: UK. Leanora Olmi, Photographer. NSW/UK. The String Contingent, Chris Stone Violin, Holly Downes Double Bass & Graham McLeod Guitar. 2011: PL/NSW. Izabela Pluta, Photomedia. VIC. David Blumenstein Animator/Illustrator. VIC. Janina Green, Photographer. 2010-11: NL. Laura van Schie, Designer, Fashion/Jewellery. 2010-13: VIC. William Young, Painter. 2010-11: VIC. Jamie Charleston, Tori Stratford, Students. 2010: KR. Aehee Park, Project/Installation. WA. Bryony Nainby, Freelance Curator. IL/NL. Iris Bendor, writer. KR. Aehee Park, Project/Installation. NSW. Dr. Bonny Cassidy, Librettist & Jeff Galea, Composer. 2009: QLD. Vernon Ah Kee Project/Installation. UK. Stephen Hurrel, project artist. VIC. Janina Green, Photographer. KR. Aehee Park, Project/Installation. 2008: IR. Behrouz Rae, Photography/Installation. 2008-09: WA. Bryony Nainby, Senior Curator. 2007-08: VIC. Maria-Luisa Marino, Painter, Gallery Assistant. 2006: NSW James Milsom Painter. 2005-06: VIC. Amelia Stone, Art Student. 2005: VIC. Brendan Fitzgerald Theatre of Love and Fear. 2004: VIC. Josqui Tibbits, PhD candidate in Forestry,  Alice Gower, Forest Fire Specialist DSE. 2003: VIC. Chef Bart Van Ooyen, Vanessa McRae Curator. 2002: VIC. Britt Silvester, Textile/Fashion Design. 2002: VIC. Edward Cosmo Murray-White, Singer/Songwriter. 1999: CN. Jessica Lu Chunqiu, art student. VIC. Reuben Dwyer, Ceramics. VIC. Louise Allgood, Curator. 1999-02: VIC. Sherryn McIvor, Painter/Arts Management and Marketing Trainee. 1997: NSW. Alison Lacy, Ceramics. 1996: TH. Malai Mongkol, Makhmpom Theatre Co Thailand. PH. VIC. NT. Dancing Horses Melbourne, Kaliwat Theatre, Ronita  Neneng Leoncito, Eden Espejo, from Mindenao, Philippines, Yolngu Song Man Arnhem Land, Jida Gulpilil, Kurnai Dance Man, Daryl Mobourne, International Cultural Exchange Program SA. Christopher Headley, Stephanie Schirmer, Ceramics. 1995: VIC. Angela Lynkushka, Photographer. VIC. Salamada Lolicato, Ceramics. JP. Atsiko, Cultural Exchange Teacher. 1994-2002: VIC. Anton Vardy, Painter, Arts Management and Marketing Trainee. 1994: VIC. Gong House, Richard Barber and Neil McLachlan, Cultural Facilitators. 1993: VIC. Michael Owen Gaffy, Donna Bogdanovski, Painters.