Maria-Luisa Marino - seconds before awakening

Ways to soften the blow. collage, 2011 38x32 cm

You are invited to the join Maria-Luisa Marino to celebrate the opening of 

seconds before awakening 

Sunday 2 September @ 2pm -5pm

Exhibition open to the public from Friday 31 August till’ 29 October 2012 

"...This suite of collages combines memories, dreams and the uncanny in narratives that reside between reality and the unconscious. The works are mappings of the impressionable occurrences in dreams, where the everyday and ethereal intermingle. Images are modified and reconstructed to articulate this interweaving of the familiar with the peculiar. This in turn reflects the precarious and revealing nature of dreams. My intention is to explore this union of realms and its ability to distort and uncover our individual concerns.

This sense of instability is expressed through the manipulation of landscapes that meld into disparate scenes, or fall apart, and figures that move to odd positions and expose an underlying meaning not apparent at first glance...."

Maria-Luisa Marino 2012