ABC OPEN -The Moment Behind The Photo

We are delighted to be able to participate in the ABC Open Gippsland project The Moment Behind The Photo. On tour from the  Stables Gallery Bairnsdale and on exhibition at the Cowwarr Art Space Balcony Gallery till the end of May as part of the beinspired Arts Festival

The Moment Behind The Photo

is a nation wide project inviting regional Australians  to share the stories behind some of their most poignant, surreal, memorable and life changing photo moments. Gippslanders from Mallacoota to Warragul and Maffra to the Coast responded and shared their images and tales. The visitors have been engrossed with these intimate and intriguing stories.

This small snap shot of Gippsland Images has been compiled by

Rachael Lucas Gippsland's own Open Producer.

An award winning independent filmmaker Rachael has worked as a music video director, documentary maker, writer, rock photographer and mentor and trainer for emerging filmmakers for the past 10 years.

ABC Open

projects are a great way to get involved in telling and sharing your stories and experiences.  Each project will explore a different idea or theme and way of contributing, whether that's through photos or video, tracking local knowledge on a map or collaborating with other people or communities


Link to Open blog on exhibition