Neale Stratford's opening event of Small Reminders of Non-existent Events

A great turn out on Sunday 4 March for the opening of 

Small Reminders of Non-existent Events. 

Simon Gregg Curator, Gippsland Art Gallery (right) delivered the opening address that gave the gathered crowed a great insight into the works and the thinking of Neale Stratford.

The rain clouds parted and the sun shone on Cowwarr and the guests arrived in full force to celebrate with Neale. I would like to thank all those who attended. You were a great positive crowd that enlivened the space and contributed to the invigorating debate on the exhibition.

Above; Neale Stratford artists, Jamie Hall, Geoff Sharman (past CAN Inc. AIR's) and Rodney Forbes, Director Gippsland Centre for Art & Design Monash University playing the role of one of Neale's action dolls. This exhibition forms part of Neale's Masters of Fine Art that he is currently undertaking at the Gippsland Centre for Art and Design.