Clive Murray-White in Melb Prize for Urban Sculpture 2011

I just grabbed this from Clive's Blog, it is worth posting twice!
Isaac Greener & Lucas Maddock
Bianca Hester
Sonia Leber & David Chesworth
Clive Murray-White
Tom Nicholson
Stuart Ringholt

2011 Finalists

An exhibition of the above finalists will be held at Federation Square between
7 and 21 November 2011.

The $5,000 Civic Choice Award 2011 will be open for voting, at this website, only during the November exhibition dates.

For more information go to
As you may be able to imagine this makes me very happy and consider it a considerable honour to have been included.

You have to wait until the exhibition to see exactly what I proposed but here are a few words from my application:

"It is a sculpture that challenges conventional concepts about site specifics and urban sculpture by concentrating not on the aesthetics and narrative of space but on the people for whom that space was originally designed. Each person's mind is a specific site.

By claiming air rather than ground this work activates an urban spacial area with no built baggage"