Melbourne Art Fair Success

Clive Murray-White and his sculpture with guest at the Art Fair Vernissage

Clive Murray-White had great success at the Art Fair with Charles Nodrum Gallery selling two major works and receiving a comission for a corporate client.
Clive Murray-White with Charles Nodrum and Rebecca Guest the Charles Nodrum Gallery team
(Sonia Payes Photograph behind Charles)
The spectacular 12th biennial Melbourne Art Fair came to an end on, Sunday 8 August, having generated in excess of $11 million dollars in sales, and a 56% increase in the volume of sales achieved compared to 2008. 60% of funds generated through sales are returned to living artists through their gallery, an estimated $6.6 Million. Melbourne Art Fair is the only event of this size and scale that supports the livelihood of living artists. Participating galleries reported clear evidence of renewed confidence in the primary art market, and whilst the overall income was slightly less than 2008, the sales represent a 56% increase in the volume of sales achieved in 2008. Prices of works ranged from $20 to $250,000 with 76% of artworks sold for $10,000 and under with 30,000 visitors making this one of the most well attended visual arts events in Australia.