Gallery 1: Margaret McIntosh - Other People's Houses

Opening event Saturday July the 3rd @ 6:30pm the Artist Bar will be open so come and join us and the artist to celebrate the opening of this exhibition that continues until 30 August.  This CAN Inc.exhibition is supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria.

When I First Met Your Ma 2010 oil on plywood 60x 64cm
Margaret McIntosh completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting at theVictorian College of the Arts, Melbourne in 2009 were she received the Maude Glover Fleay Award for painting.  Originally from Gippsland she now lives and works in Melbourne.  Margaret has always been interested in portraiture, in this body of work she is also looking at the context of her subjects. 
" ...I am interested in the spaces we occupy, particularly, domestic spaces.  I like the narrative that occurs in them and how such familiar elements such as windows and fences for example imply things outside of what the viewer sees.  They seem to invite us into realms which we can only regard from a distance or at times separate...."
Other People's Houses Paintings by Margaret McIntosh. 

Gallery Closed till this exhibition opens
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