Chaos Hands | Audio/Visual Performance

Chaos Hands.png

You are invited to a unique experience, CHAOS HANDS audio/visual improv trio, Xuan - Visuals, Nicole - Drums, Allison - Sound Design, will present a preview of new work developed during their residence at the Cowwarr Art Space.

ABOUT CHAOS HANDS: formed in Ojai, California when the Xuan, Nicole and Allison were fellows at Eighth Blackbird's Creative Laboratory in 2018. The trio was sorted into an ensemble and given total creative freedom, which resulted in the foundation of an incredibly wholesome creative bond and some very wonderfully strange performance art. After the summer, the group swore to find a way to meet again to continue creative work as an ensemble.

 This is what has brought them to the Cowwarr Art Space to work together for three weeks. After the performance the audience will be given the opportunity to chat with the artists about their creative process.

 The Artists Bar will be operating and light nibbles will be provided.
Gold Coin Donation.