DOPA-KINESIA: Pezaloom, 5th August - 27th September 2016

Dopa-kinesia Pezaloom C-type photograph, 100 x 150cm 2015

Dopa-kinesia Pezaloom C-type photograph, 100 x 150cm 2015

You are invited to join the artist and celebrate the opening of the exhibition.
Sunday 7th August 2016 @ 2pm - 5pm
The Artists Bar will be operating.

Dopa-kinesia, created with the assistance of Kim Anderson in the role of support artist and curator, is a series of experimental self-portraits intended to challenge the many myths and misconceptions surrounding Parkinson’s Disease. The title – an amalgamation of “dopamine” and “hypokinesia” – relates to one of the major symptoms of the disease, namely the failure of certain cells in the brain to manufacture dopamine, a substance that allows for smooth, coordinated function of the body’s muscles and movement. Pezaloom has immersed his entire body in approximately 160 kilograms of petroleum jelly to represent the heaviness, slowness and restriction of movement he experiences.

This performative act was photographed in the hulking Yallourn Power Station administration building, which now stands derelict and empty. The Latrobe Valley where Pezaloom has always lived is the centre of the brown coal power industry in Victoria, and the strange aesthetic of this environment provides an apt metaphor for the dissonance occurring within his own body with the progression of Parkinson’s Disease. Within and without, the beauty and horror exist in a symbiotic relationship, intermingled with fear and a deep love and acceptance of the place as an essential part of his identity. 

Pezaloom was supported by Arts Access Victoria, the Victorian Government  through Creative Victoria, and the City of Melbourne 2015 Arts Grants Program and toured the works to:

Bendigo at the Phyllis Palmer Gallery of La Trobe University.  4th - 27th May 2016
Ballarat at The Lost Ones Contemporary Gallery 17th July – 16th August 2015
Federation Square No Vacancy Gallery, 15th June - 5th July 2015

We thank the team at the Phyllis Palmer Gallery of La Trobe Uni for delivering the works to the Cowwarr Art Space, much appreciated. 

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