Romancing the Stone an afternoon with Clive in the Marble Studio, 22 May 2016

Visitors at Clive Murray-White Australian Marble Studio Cowwarr Art Space

Clive is the co-director and owner of the Cowwarr Art Space and has had his studio open to the public since 1999. It is relatively recently that Clive has realised the full implications of both the affect on his process and the visitor experience. This has led him to believe that experiencing sculpture in the studio may be more rewarding for many visitors than seeing the same work in an art gallery setting.  this is the first time that participants will have a chance to have a hands on experience.

Clive Murray-White has been included in many major national exhibitions including Sydney Biennales. He has been shortlisted in Australia's major national Sculpture Prizes; Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture 2011, McClelland Contemporary Sculpture Survey Award and and the Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award. Clive's work is collected by the corporate and private sector and is included in the nation's leading collections, most notably the National Gallery of Australia, New Parliament House, Canberra, Victorian Supreme Court Melbourne and in the National Gallery of Victoria his most notable commission, the "Alfred Felton Centenary Sculpture" commemorating 100 years of the Felton Bequest 1904-2004 is currently on display at the NGVI.   His work is also part of Hard Edge at the NGV Ian Potter Centre.