DOUBLE EXPOSURE - Photography Exhibition, 1 August - 28 September

Curated by Claire Marston, Artist-in-Resident and Trainee Gallery Manager, Cowwarr Art Space.

Double Exposure is a selected group photography exhibition that explores the theme of the self-portrait where we the viewer are invited to enter the private and raw world of the artist behind the camera, often with an abstract approach.

"....Double Exposure challenges our expectation of the self-portrait with a wide range of artistic enquirers that complement the theme of the exhibition..." 

Claire has selected from a wide range of local Gippsland artists most of which have a direct connection to the Gippsland Centre for Art & Design, Federation University,  including either past or current lecturer's and student's; Neale Stratford, Susan Purdy, Shelley McDermott, Eating Strawberries, Chantel Henderson, Rhys Knight, Chris Miller, Rebecca Gell and Claire Marston.  

Image left: Chris Miller Connection #3 inkjet print, 2015
Image right: Shelley McDermott “I’m not like them, but I can pretend” inkjet print, 2015