"...Clive Murray-White’s Smokebomb Sculpture at UQ in May 1971 is perhaps the single most important work of early Conceptual art in Australia. Photo documentation of the work was widely reproduced at the time — perhaps most significantly by Terry Smith, as a kind of prefix to his curatorial rationale for the important 1971 survey ‘The Situation Now’ — and since, including on the cover of Art & Australia in 1975..."  David Prestorius TURRBAL-JAGERA: The University of Queensland Art Projects 2006

There were 3 Smoke Bomb sculptures, University of NSW 1970 curator Donald Brooke, Brisbane, May 1971, sponsored by the Contemporary Art Society of Queensland (pictured here) and at the McClelland Gallery in November 1971. It was booked for the 1972 Adelaide Festival but was banned by health authorities and traffic police. Over the years the works have been called both Smoke bomb Sculpture and Smokeworks.

Re-enacted Heidi Museum of Modern Art 1999 for “The Real Thing” curators Max Delaney and Juliana Engberg. Original footage in the collection of QAG –Goma, collected from TURRBAL-JAGERA: 2006, The University of Queensland Art Projects University Art Museum, black and white screened vinyl banner.

So you to can come and see the real thing all be it in a different form.