FUTURE NOW - VCA Honours graduates, 28 February – 27 April

Seven selected artists presented new work throughout The Substation’s expansive Melbourne gallery spaces in June-July 2014. The exhibition has since then been restaged in Warrnambool and Castlemaine, and will complete its tour of regional Victoria at the Cowwarr Art Space, a converted butter factory and renowned gallery in Gippsland. 
This is the third year that the Cowwarr Art Space has hosted a Future Now exhibition.  During the exhibition we will be offering an education program that presents a significant opportunity for our local students to explore, question and experience current contemporary art practise from recent VCA Honours graduates.
This particular tour enables the artists to continue developing their work and reshape the exhibition in response to each venue. 
Each of the selected artists demonstrate an engagement with current themes in contemporary art. Using strategies as varied as humour, movement, narrative, and spatial intervention, these artists are each finding ways to approach the world through their own, sometimes fictionalised, interpretations of experience, space and systems. 

Daniel Belfield’s recent work in video and installation manipulates logic to create alternative systems of time. Poetic and laced with humour, his works draw attention to our attempts to rationalise and index time while highlighting the inherent absurdities and inaccuracies of this process. 
Working site-responsively, Sarah Duyshart navigates architectural boundaries with her kinetic ‘spatial drawings’ of string and pulley systems. Developed from sketches and sound field recordings, Duyshart’s installations describe and refer to hidden and inaccessible spaces. 
Christina Hayes’s paintings reflect her work as a theatre designer and her ongoing collaborative practice with The Sisters Hayes. Family drama and shared histories relating to place and identity weave their way into Hayes’s large-scale paintings that involve storytelling, play-acting and dress-ups.  
Recently seen in ACCA’s NEW14, Kenny Pittock’s work engages with contemporary Australian life and culture through humour and sentimentality. His observational practice includes drawing, sculpture, installation and video, and focuses on common sites of everyday experience. 
Dan Peter Petersen works with text, kinetic sculpture and appropriated imagery.  His installations group semiotic references that form a personal interpretation of information – idealised versions of familiar things that attempt to dissolve the anxiety of problematic concepts. 
Alex Purchase constructs architectural spaces that create convincing portals into alternate realities within the gallery space. With reference to theatre, cinema and virtual reality, her work explores the psychological effects of our built environments and the construction of atmosphere, acknowledging the interplay between fantasy and reality. 
Isabelle Sully’s practice relies on the notion of transformations and often explores the translation between visual and verbal language. Her work in Future Now emerges from the memory of a lost artwork that is remade and reconfigured to fit the different sites of the exhibition tour.