“...It is always an amazing experience and privilege to have artists from around the world sharing part of their lives and art at the Cowwarr Art Space. This is what makes the Art Space a unique place and provides us all with a broader perspective on Art and world affairs...” - Carolyn Crossley Director

Taking applications now! 

The Artist-in-Residence Program is an integral part of life at Cowwarr Art Space. Carolyn Crossley lives in a portion of the Art Space and warmly welcomes the broadest range of arts practice, related disciplines and nationalities to the Space.  The residencies are not restricted to gallery-based outcomes and encompasses a wide range of art forms including; contemporary and experimental art, digital design, sculpture, photography, craft, fashion, music, dance, composition, writing, and sound works.

An artist-in-residency is like no other creative experience. It enables you to explore your emotions and encounter your art practice intimately.  It gives you the time for discovery, the freedom to take risks that may lead to an affirmation or a reinterpretation of your own art. A very special time for any artist.

As members of Resartis, the Cowwarr Art Space and CAN Inc. follow the prininciple of offering artists, curators, and all manner of creative people the essential time and place away from the pressures and habits of everyday life framed within a unique geographic and cultural context. The program encompass regional based, urban, national and international artists. The program has hosted 10 artists in 2017 and a total of 120 Artists from 20 different countries to date.

Online Application Form at the bottom of this page. Read on for more details. 

RESIDENCY PARTNERSHIPS: In 2017 BLINDSIDE an Artist Run Initiative (AIR) with a space in the Nicholas Building in Melbourne's CBD.  Was successful in applying for funding for the BLINDSIDE REGIONAL ARTS RESIDENCY with the support of the City of Melbourne, Creative Victoria and Cowwarr Art Space.

NICOLE BREEDON was the recipient of the 2017 Regional Art Residency. Nicole occupied the Garden Studio and Pottery during August. Nicole worked creating various slip cast ceramic forms.  

CAN Inc. Cowwarr Arts Network Incorporated is a not-for-profit incorporated association that operates out of and in collaboration with the Cowwarr Art Space.

Residential Live/Work Studios  There are three individual studios; Garden Studio, Janina Suite and the Butter Room. The spaces are self contained, fully furnished with cooking facilities, pots and pans, linen, bedding/towels and TV.  There is an external shared laundry. The Butter Room Studio's bathroom facilities are external. There is a communal herb and veggie garden in the grounds. 

Communication Free Wi-fi access to the NBN, Mobile signal is limited. Telstra is recommended and phones with a blue tick for rural access.

Cowwarr is a small rural community in Victoria, Australia. Facilities are a small general store, Catholic Church, primary school and pub. The country location between Traralgon and Maffra is in the rich farming country with a backdrop of the Victorian Alps which lends itself to a calm reflective experience and a great place to start to explore Gippsland.  

Transport train travel between Melbourne and Traralgon every hour most days. Gippsland Line (Limited bus connections to Cowwarr use Traralgon as the destination for more travel options)  If pre booked collection from Traralgon can be arranged.  Shopping/provisioning trips can also be arranged with Carolyn.  Google Maps now has public Transport App for Vline and buses.   Currently there are major infrastructure works on the train line so check for updated information on the Vline web site.


  • Length of stay can be for a week or longer

  • This is a privately funded facility

  • No grants offered or available

  • Letters of support for applications to funding organisations can be supplied

  • All visiting artists are expected to leave the studios clean and tidy.

  • International artist will need to apply for an Australian Visa Immigration Link


  • Weekly accommodation: from $250 - $350/week. Singles and couples can be accommodated. Please make contact if you intend bring more family members (limited options)

  • Less than a week: $100 minimum charge

  • Artist are responsible for all their own living expenses and production costs

  • Specialised equipment and kiln firing costs are worked out individually depending on use


  • Visit our AIR Blog to get a feel for the program

  • Check available dates on the Residency Calendar if a studio is listed in the calendar it is occupied

  • Check out the Studios

  • Email for further information caninc@cowwarr.com


  • Why you want to undertake a residency and what you hope to accomplish

  • About yourself and your artwork (send images jpg or web links)

  • Please indicate which studio you prefer (allocation depends on availability)

  • Provide your preferred dates (allocation depends on availability)

  • Complete contact information, including address, email and phone numbers


2017  AIR’s: Finland, Irkku Kiiskinen, Ceramics, Garden Studio | Switzerland. Henrik Haukeland, Sculptor, Garden Studio | VIC Fay Bromwich, Painter, Garden Studio | VIC. Nicole Breedon, Sculptor, BLINDSIDE Regional Residency, Garden Studio | VIC. Glen Walton, Multi Art Form / Sound, Sculpture, Garden Studio | Brazil/NSW. Gika De O, painting, Garden Studio | SA. Margaret Benbow, textiles, Garden Studio | VIC.  Rachel O'Connor, painter, Janina Suite | Czech Republic. Bet Orten, photographer, Matej Hajek, sculptor + son Garden Studio

2016  AIR's:  Brazil, Júlia Palazzo, community art, Garden Studio | USA. Alison Svoboda, sculpture, Garden Studio |VIC.  Rebecca Delange, ceramic/sculpture, Garden Studio | VIC. Betra Fraval, painter/sculptor, Janina Suite | VIC. Jordan Wood, collage/sculpture Garden Studio | USA. Linden Eller, collage, Janina Suite |  NZ. Madeleine Child, Philip Jarvis, ceramics, Garden Studio |  VIC. Jethro Harcourt, sculpture, ceramics, Pottery Studio | VIC. Michelle Caithness,  drawing, Garden Studio | VIC. Cassie Stevens, graphic artist, Garden Studio | Argentina, Paz Velasco, photography, installation, Janina Suite | USA. Josephine Gariboldi and Paul Zmolek, performance, choreography, Garden Studio | VIC. Sophia Hewson, painter, video, Janina Suite | VIC. Kate Hodgetts, painter,print, photography, Garden Studio | USA. Robyn Hillman-Harrigon, writer, Janina Suite| VIC. Carol Swain, painter, Garden Studio | VIC. Callum Jackson, painter, Garden Studio| VIC. Leona Gray, singer, composer, Garden Studio |
Long Stay AIR's:  VIC. Claire Marston, installation, Cowwarr Art Space Gallery Assistant Manager, Butter Room Studio | VIC. William Young, Painter, Balcony Studio|
2015 Regional Training and Engagement Program (RTEF) Victorian College of the Arts Partnership: Hartmut Veit, sculpture/installation | Leanora Olmi, photography | Kiera Brew Kurec, performance video | Kenny Pittock, ceramic, installation, sculpture | Georgie Mattingley, photography, video installation| 

Banner Image: The String Contingent Residency 2012