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Garden Studio - Henrik Haukeland - Sweden

Henrik Haukeland Sweden + Australian girlfriend Michaela.

My main artistic mediums are installation, sculpture and performance-based video. The work deals prominently with the body and themes of consumption, excess and transformation. Other recurring subjects include the grotesque, the carnivalesque and the relationship between the organic and the synthetic.

I would like to explore these ideas and concepts further during my residency. I feel that photography and video would be suitable mediums for this project. I am likely to have obtained a considerable amount of material prior to starting the residency, which I then will work with and contextualise.

I am drawn to the isolation of Cowwarr, where I would be able to look at my work in a different way than if I were staying, say, in a big city. Even though my projects usually are constructed realities, which could be invented anywhere; the setting where the work is put together, has a big effect. I'm looking for peace and quiet and would be bringing my Australian girlfriend Michaela with me. I look forward to alternating intense work sessions with breaks of nature walks and slowly cooked dinners.