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Janina Suite Studio - Casandra Ferguson, CAN

Residency Concept: My practice (sculpture) strives to reexamine human activity; human interaction within urbanized spaces as well as human interaction with natural systems. 

I am a 22-year-old Canadian resident. I completed my undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada in April 2015 with my major in Studio Art and minor in Art History. I received the 'Museum Award' by guest curator Ivan Jurakic at the April 2015 graduating show, ‘Polyvocal,’ at the McMaster Museum of Art. In February 2015 I was awarded the 'Award for Distinction in the McMaster Studio Art Program' from Artist-Run Centre, the Hamilton Artists Inc. 

I intend to continue my studies and achieve my Masters of Fine Art degree in the near future. I am taking one to two years off between recently completing my undergraduate degree, and applying to graduate school. During this transition period I am travelling, currently staying with family in the Gold Coast of Australia, to source inspiration for my evolving body of new work. As an emerging artist fresh out of a school environment my aim for the upcoming years is to get involved internationally in different artistic communities. I am eager to work alongside other artists, collaborate, expand my knowledge base, and ultimately work through new ideas and steadily create and show new work. 

My practice is primarily in the area of sculpture, with a second focus in printmaking. My thesis work focused on various methods of casting and mould-making, primarily ceramic slip casting, casting concrete, and plaster, in conjunction with woodworking and structural building of form.